' You did such a great job with photos with our kids. You have a lot of patience and made it such a fun time for them. This was the best experience we have ever had with photos. I can't wait to see the pictures!'

~ Julie S.

'As soon as I spoke with Rekha, my nervousness about doing the photo shoot began to evaporate. Her warmth, energy, and friendliness are instantly apparent, as is her genuine love of what she does. What does she do? Rekha creates and captures - art, moments, people, and life. I immediately felt comfortable as we got to know each other and her inherent professionalism and vision were clear. In order to craft the pictures and settings which would portray what I was hoping for, she shared her ideas while embracing my thoughts and feedback. The photo shoot was fun and truly made me feel like a vibrant, glowing, beautiful mama – no easy task 8 months pregnant! The images Rekha captured completely exceeded my expectations, as did my entire experience start to finish. I am so glad to have met her, and I highly recommend her!'

~ Karetha DellGrottaglia

'Rekha, We had a great time working with you. It's true that a picture can say thousand words or more. You captured the best moments of our little girl's life. Thank you so much for being there for us.'

~Sumi P.

'Rekha did a great job taking pictures of our son for his first birthday. She came over to our place a few days before the scheduled photo shoot to take a look around and find the best places to take pictures from. She also gave us a list of questions and ideas to think about, which was good because they were things we hadn't even considered before. On the day of shoot, she took time to get comfortable with our son and got him to play and relax before taking the pictures - which is why they turned out so good! I would definitely recommend Rekha's photography services to anyone who'd like to get family pics taken.'

  • Sonia C.

'Rekha, I stumbled onto this skilled photographer quite by accident but boy!am I glad that I did!!!! A passion for our respective hobbies/skills that was hard to explain to anyone else,it was easy getting to know Rekha. Her vibrant contagious enthusiasm when she spoke of her photography or got behind her camera could definitely brighten the gloomiest of cloudy days in Portland! Her sense of style and taste was just what my handbags needed to give it life,making it stand apart, in a class of its own! She loved to keep it simple with no clutter or unwanted distractions to take your eyes away from the product. She does not prefer product photography but her talent to make inanimate boring products stand out and get noticed is only scratching the surface of how much more she could do to live subjects :) The last photo session I had with her was for my baby bump photos and I enjoyed working with her on it. She has a way of getting you comfortable and putting you at ease during a photo shoot which is so important when you are not super-model gorgeous and wondering how to avoid showing off your fat arms!:) A great person all around and an extremely super( yes,I needed to use at least 2 adjectives to describe her) talented photographer..... I enjoyed working with her the last one year and wish I hadn't left the country so I could continue working with her!'

~ Susan V.