...a few drops of morning dew cradled in a web, a million gems lighting up my backyard... that's where it all began. It was the beauty of the Pacific Northwest that first inspired me to take up the camera to record something more than snapshots of people posing for a picture. As I discovered a love for photography, my vision expanded and so did my 'backyard'.... the world is now my backyard!

My passion is to capture life’s special moments: those finer nuances, the unconditional love, the quiet meaningful moments, the hearty laughter, a naughty twinkle in the eye, and life’s evolving stages: peace of being you, the grace of pregnancy, the miracle of birth, the innate beauty of a newborn, the innocence of children, the joy of a family.

Life has a tendency to zoom by. As much as you may want to hold on to these fleeting moments, they will soon be a blurry memory. Capturing these special moments in a beautiful way helps you relive those special moments and stages in your life. A picture takes you back to a moment in time wrapped in all the emotions that happened back then… and as years fly by these pictures will make you smile, bring you joy, be your healer and comforter, it could be your strength and your hope, it could be all you want to hold on to.

I cherish pictures I took of my own children as they were growing. Images of my son gleefully smothered in yogurt as he helps himself from the container, sitting in a pan with the lid on his head, reading a book with his grandpa, watching adoringly as his dad plays the guitar.... those photographs rekindle warm memories I will treasure for life.

I love helping couples and parents invest in their life's special moments. Its probably the best gift I could help them give themselves.

Thank you for visiting and hope you experience some of the wonder and joy I feel, as you look through my lens!